Multi-Quest polls are known for being accurate, objective, trustworthy, confidential, and affordable.  We have helped incumbents and challengers win and brought victory in issues and referendum elections, all with our years of skill and experience, and at every level – local, state, and national.

Most pollsters claim to create custom polls for their clients, but few get down to the nitty-gritty.  They take their basic questions, and a few questions for local interest, and call that custom.  Multi-Quest does recommend some basic questions, but for the most part, we craft questions based on thorough input from you and the research we perform.

And, Multi-Quest polls are meant to be used by everyone who you need to work with the results – candidate, campaign manager, public relations specialists, and media consultants.

Polling is important to you, the candidate.  Your political party, PAC or personal backers may want to know if they should invest in your race.  Hire Multi-Quest, and the poll we design will focus on building a winning strategy for you.

To have the best chance at winning, you need polls that accomplish two different things:  You need a poll that helps you develop the campaign strategically – a planning poll – and a poll that helps you track your success at meeting your strategy – a tracking poll.


Use the results of this benchmark study (or research) to develop strategy and identify early issues and priorities of the campaign.  Most important, these polls determine the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses among the voters – traits that will be critical in the campaign.


Polling throughout the election season will provide results that help you get to the top.  Voter opinion changes – and that could affect what you should say or do.  Success at getting your message across could affect your media strategy or change your budget.  You’ll only know with a Trailtracker Poll.

In addition to those essentials, Multi-Quest offers the following enhancements that are important in many races:


Focus groups develop effective political messages.  Awareness studies track a campaign’s success in media, with recall measurements that gauge the response of voters to speeches, advertising, and other messages (including voter reaction to opponent attacks – are their messages effective?).  We’ve been at this long before anyone ever heard of Frank Luntz.

After years of working on elections, Multi-Quest has earned an unimpeachable reputation for accuracy.  We’ve seen how data has been turned to an advantage – or squandered – in other campaigns, and we can give you the ideas you need to turn numbers into decisive action…and victory.  We know voter turnout.  We know who’s voting and why.  We give you the good and the bad news…and give you solid recommendations on how to work with either.

The most effective form of communication has always been one-to-one.  Phone banks deliver important information to prospective voters one voter at a time.  Multiple calls are made to individuals, and this information is conveyed to a large number of targeted voters in a surprisingly short period of time.

Phone banks are ideal for simple tasks or important missions – everything from securing yard signs to identifying voter segments that need more campaign communication.  Phone banks are highly recommended for getting to undecided voters the information they need to vote for you – and build a victory by getting voters to the poll who favor you.  And, putting Multi-Quest’s phone bank to work for you in a close campaign has been shown to turn a presumed loser into a winner!


If a campaign is war then Election Day is the ultimate battle.  It’s where the war is won or lost.  To make certain you have everything in your arsenal to wage an effective get-out-the-vote effort, you need to have Multi-Quest at your side.  GOTV is probably what Multi-Quest is best known for.  You don’t want to go into battle without us.

Over the years we have developed effective media for our clients, including mail, radio, TV and social media – typically in a cost-effective way.  Let us show you what we can do for your campaign without breaking the budget.


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