Politics is a blood sport - and poodles only win at Westminster.

Don’t get torn to pieces in your race.  Call the people with a 90% success rate.

In the dog-eat-dog arena of politics, top dogs expect to win.  That’s why they use Multi-Quest’s political services to go for the jugular when running their races.

Multi-Quest has been the winning edge for more than 50 years. Candidates, PACs, lobbyists, non-profits, consultants, advertising agencies, corporations and businesses have successfully put Multi-Quest to work since 1967 – yielding a success rate of an astounding 90% (when using Multi-Quest polling, and tele-campaigning services).

Our expertise with phone banking, polling, media, concept testing, media studies, advertising testing, market research, and tracking has made Multi-Quest an essential partner in over a thousand election-winning strategies. We keep the dogs of the political wars at bay.

Ask the people who have used us to win race after race, and they’ll tell you that we do it with personal attention, rigorous accuracy, and yes, dogged determination.  In a word, we are committed to your winning!

In politics, it’s the winners who can make policy and write laws.  Multi-Quest’s only goal is to make you a winner in your race.  We work hard to get you elected.

Here are the most important ways we help candidates succeed:  Our Services

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