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John Scurich  |  STRATEGIST

Born in New Orleans and grew up in St. Bernard parish, John graduated from Chalmette High School in Chalmette, Louisiana and obtained a B.A. in Political Science from Loyola University New Orleans in 1985 where he studied under renowned pollster Dr. Ed Renwick. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Politics at Loyola University. He has been a presenter at several campaign seminars over the years including the Institute of Politics. He presently resides in St. Tammany parish.

Beginning in the late 1980’s, John worked in campaigns on the parish (county) level beginning with judgeships and local government. The first high profile race he worked in was the 1995 1st Senatorial District race between Senate President Sammy Nunez and St. Bernard Parish President Lynn Dean. That race garnered more media attention than statewide races, including the gubernatorial race in which Mike Foster won. It was during and after the success of that race that John began his relationship with John Grimm of Multi-Quest. Over the next many years John would do a lot of subcontractor work with Multi-Quest, often creating the winning strategies for campaigns based on the analysis of Grimm’s polling data.

John earned a reputation for putting together no-nonsense campaign programs, often on a limited budget. Many of the campaigns he worked on through Multi-Quest in several states were for the state legislature, judicial and parish/county races, as well as the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. He also has been directly involved in the management of several races, including those for various parish/county council and commission seats, and parish presidencies/county mayor, and the state legislature.

Since the mid 1990’s, John has also worked off and on as legislative staff in both the Louisiana Senate and House of Representatives; he is currently staff for the House. Also since the 90’s he has worked on a consulting basis for lobbyist organizations such as the Louisiana Association of Business & Industry.

John is also a baseball umpire, having worked in minor league baseball in the 80’s and an NCAA umpire since 1985 having umpired the NCAA post-season.

John Grimm (or “Jack” as he is known to many) was born in New York City. He came to New Orleans in the early 1960’s to obtain his BBA (’67) and MBA (’69) from Tulane University, and did work toward a DBA at LSU. He has lived in the New Orleans area ever since, presently residing in Metairie, Louisiana.

Mr. Grimm taught statistics, marketing and advertising/public relations, management and other subjects for 13 years at Dillard University in New Orleans from 1969-1982.

He formed his first research firm, Analytical Studies, Inc., in 1966. That firm primarily implemented research studies for others, so in 1969 he founded Multi-Quest International, Inc., a locally based national market and opinion research firm that conducted full market and opinion research studies. Grimm served as President of the company and the firm stayed active until 2013 when he established Multi-Quest Polling, Research, Strategy & Campaign Management, as a partnership with campaign consultant John Scurich.

The firm primary operated as a market research firm until a fortuitous introduction to Jim Chubbuck and Ed Renwick of the Institute Of Politics at Loyola University in New Orleans. Thus began research efforts of a political nature. Multi-Quest has a track record of victories at above 65% when providing any of its services and over 90% when it provides the full gamut of its services - consulting/strategy, polling, tele-campaigning (phone banks), and computer (robo) calling – considered by many to be the highest winning percentage in the country.

Mr. Grimm has often been seen on election night as results come in. He has provided the statistical analysis that has led to the calling of election results correctly for WVUE-TV on election night including the (just after) 8 pm call of Bobby Jindal for Governor (with the accurate percentage coming about 25 minutes later) and a similar call immediately after the close of the polls for Marc Morial (years before - 1994, his first successful election night call). Other calls have taken a little longer including Ray Nagin, David Vitter, and Bill Jefferson among the most notable.

Of the election night calls, John Grimm has been accurate in every call made for the station (and for local candidates) in over 30 such efforts. The latest, the run-off victory of Jay Banks for New Orleans Councilman. John Grimm credits these successes to the building of predictive models that are tested to be accurate to hundredths of a percent in other races. One call, the closest, predicted the firm's client to miss the run-off by about 15 votes. On election night, it was slightly off (about a 40 vote miss; however in the recount, the final shortfall decreased to a mere 13 votes - the campaign was a loss, but the model was 100% accurate).

Multi-Quest has conducted polls and analytical research for candidates in many states across the country (generally in the South - Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Pennsylvania), studied issues (in nearly all states as part of national samples or local samples), and provided strategic assistance and planning for marketing efforts and political campaigns both major and minor.